Finance (Rent-to-Buy)

Need a cabin but don’t have the funds to pay the deposit straight away?
Sick of paying rent?
Own your own cabin with minimal
deposit and small longer term payments.

Buying a cabin on finance can be a great way to get a roof over your head, add an extra bedroom onto your home or rental property, or as an alternative to renting. Pay the cabin off over several years and for (in most cases) less than it would cost to rent a room in Auckland, it’ll be yours to keep for years to come! Plus, as you're buying the cabin, we can customise it to suit your requirements.

Here’s how...

1)    Talk to us about your dream cabin. We’ll put together a quote so you know how much money you’ll need to borrow. Contact Richard on or 0800 830 880 for a chat.

2)    We’ll work with you on applying to one of our finance partners. You'll need to provide a few bits and pieces for this part of the process, such as ID, personal and employment details, financial info and to consent to having a credit check done. Normal lending criteria apply.

3)    Once your finance is approved, we can start building. Once built, we will deliver your new cabin to site, and it’s yours to enjoy!