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Providing Kiwi families with warm, healthy, and affordable accommodation since 2012

Dreamtime cabins are the perfect solution for extra space

Whether you need an extra bedroom, office space, self-contained living, or even something custom built, we have 'extra space' solutions for every kiwi family.

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We leave our clients energised and happy…

Dreamtime Cabins is a company committed to buzzing people out with a quirky style of service and a great product. We provide warm and healthy portable cabins for sale and other special purpose buildings to Auckland to meet the growing demand in terms of the shortage of accommodation and storage.

Why Us…

1. Great Product
2. Competitive pricing
3. Fantastic personal service

Our buildings are of good quality, they’re safe and affordable. No matter what you’re looking for – to own a cabin, rent a shed, or even if you’re looking to rent to buy a special purpose building, just call us. We’ll make it happen!

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The Dreamtime Guarantee

We guarantee that if you’re not 100% satisfied with our product or service, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you are within 48 hours. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll give your money back.

You'll love Dreamtime's "self-contained" cabins

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What our amazing clients have to say

“Dreamtime Cabins impressed me on multiple levels. Shane has an incredible sense of humor, brought forward beautiful cabins for my consideration and delivered all in a timely manner. Shane your communication skills are unforgettable! How could so many terrific characteristics and knack find their way into one company? I recommend Shane and Dreamtime Cabins and would hire him again in a heartbeat.”

Camila Amundsen, Auckland

“This cabin has been a real lifesaver for me and my family. We were getting too many people in the house, it got too crowded and I got annoyed. The perfect solution was to have this awesome sleep-out in the garden. Our daughter and our friends have been using it and we love it. We put in a queen sized bed, some furniture and it is just fabulous. Shane has been really nice. He’s a fun guy and very good to do business with. Highly recommended!

Fiona Keilman, Mt Eden, Auckland

“The cabins have been awesome to work out of for the last 6-8 months plus. Nicely insulated, I’ve worked many late nights and it’s pretty warm!”

Eddie Braun, Registered Financial Adviser, Life First

“Exceeded beyond my expectations, well worth the cost to rent and / or rent to buy. Dreamtime Cabins was more than willing to supply according to my personal needs / requirements.”

Tracy Walters, Auckland

“From the initial conversation to the delivery and installment of our cabin, we have found our dealings with Dreamtime Cabins to be just that, a dream to deal with. Our cabin makes an ideal studio to create and work from, and was a convenient solution to a problem of needing a work space at home, after we had to leave our old workroom premise and couldn’t find any other suitable locations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dreamtime Cabins to anyone looking for an extra room either at home or for work purposes. Quality built, clean and comfortable, and great friendly, efficient service from Shane and his team. Ka Pai Dreamtime Cabins!”

Sera Mitchinson, Selector Clothing, Auckland

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Christian Conrandsen - Guest Room Cabin

Michelle “Too many kids and the house is too small!”

Sheryl “Everything I needed!”

Sera “A convenient solution to the problem of needing a work space at home!”

Mike King "With Dreamtime Cabins, you're donating to the Youth Ambassador Programme and helping save young peoples lives"

Eddie Braun from Life First

Jess Nippert "Cheapest deal in Auckland"

"Cabin for my son, he's paying the rent lol"